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Drafting & Design

The service provided by GPG Drafting & Design is very specialized, as we provide a type of architectural service. We create architectural drawings as constructed from scratch, using on-site field measurements of each property. Drawings are created in AutoCAD or other design programs using only the measurements taken by company-trained field inspectors to ensure the complete accuracy of each architectural drawing of the built property.
Today's marketplace demands the most efficient use of existing space, as well as the elimination of unexpected changes during renovation. It is important to know in detail the physical characteristics and structural elements which remodeling plans must accommodate for the property being considered.  GPG Drafting & Design provides services to assist with store planning and eliminate costly change orders due to inaccurate drawings. Projects cover technical, electrical, mechanical, and architectural insight into the facility being considered for acquisition or remodel.
Our plans are used as the basis of a construction project; First, give the design team, owner, landlord of property and contractors / subcontractors a precise design of what currently exists on the property, and what the conditions are. After the parties have an idea of ​​what currently exists, they can better understand the opportunities and limitations that exist regarding the purpose / use of the property in the future and how this affects the possible designs of any change or ownership.
After all the parties involved evaluate the property using our drawings and the information included in the drawings, they can be used for the new designs that you require for your property.
Throughout the drawing process, the possibilities and limitations of each property remain in a clear vision for the designers and others involved in the new process.


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